80s Night

Huge thanks to everybody who made it to the 80s disco.We had a big crowd who embraced the music & the fashion,from that great decade.Pop,rock,metal,new wave,ska,slow sets & Mickey even snuck in a few country numbers:)To those who dressed up,a big high five.We even had a local garage owner who dressed up 80s style,but it was the 1880s!The fashion police are on their way to confiscate his robes:)Big thanks to Mc Kenna Man for sponsoring a clothes voucher & we recycled their shop window background(cassette wallpaper)& it looked the biz.Thanks to Azzie,Vax & Wax,for sponsoring the case of wine.Thanks to Karen,Hannah,Emma & Fintan for helping decorate the room.

Thanks to Collette & Bernard for the photos & to Sean & Martin on door duty.Also thanks to Joanne,James & Peter for keeping the lubricant flowing.Thanks to Kevin for keeping facebook updated.Last but not least to Mickey’Dynamo himself,who pumped out over 6 hours of heart pounding,foot stomping 80s hits.All his retro lights & signs,add to the old school vibe,brilliantly.I suspect he may actually be a vampire,as he hasn’t aged a bit since the 80s.Or maybe he has a good skin routine:)So that’s it till next October,when the last of the trilogy will take place.I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did & I look forward to us all meeting up again in 2017,God willing.Till then,keep it 80s dudes!