Volunteer With Cooley Kickhams

Our Club Needs You !

Every club needs volunteers and this is what makes a club special.
Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers who did extraordinary work of various kinds in the difficult years that were 2020 and 2021.
With the number of children involved in the club growing every year, the need for coaches and all types of volunteers is bigger than ever.

If you’ve played football/camogie previously, your experience is needed by the club to help our future stars learn and develop the skills of the game.

If you are a parent/guardian we need you !
This could be in assisting with coaching or shaping coaching structures within the club.
Football Boots

Personal Satisfaction Score Reported By Our Volunteers

100%Our Volunteers Report an amazing personal satisfaction score for volunteering with Cooley Kickhams GFC!

How Can You Help ?

There are many other ways you can help out in the club.
In these difficult times funding is key to providing and maintaining facilities for all of our young people to participate in sport.

Areas and ways you can help out:
-Helping with Cooley Og (nursery team)
-Providing sponsorship or donations
-Information technology
This is not an exhaustive list of what the club needs or what you can do or offer your club.
When parents/guardians get involved children stay involved.
parents volunteering